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September 20, 2017
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Canada requires over 180,000 IT professionals to fill job vacancies by 2019- Big opportunity for overseas IT professionals

Canada is investing big time in Information and Communication Sector. Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), an entity that researches countries’ technological trends has revealed that by 2019 Canada is expected to create more than 180,000 jobs in Information Technology and Communications Sector. However, the Canadian educational institutions are not producing enough technology graduates to fill these upcoming vacancies, thereby creating a great vacuum and an opportunity for international technologist seeking to work and live in Canada.

Is Canada prepared to fight the shortage of skilled talent?

Let’s talk realistically, Canada does not happen to be ready for the challenge which is coming in the near future. As the research done by ICTC suggests that Canadian institutes are not producing enough technical graduates per annum, it can hit Canada hard in long term as Canada is already focusing on expanding its worth in technical industry thereby increasing its economy. In 2015, around 12,800 students graduated with IT and Communications courses from Canadian educational institutions. Looking at the post-graduation institutions, only 6 percent of students are enrolled in ICT programs.

Canadian government has also noted this issue and reviewing there Digital Talent Strategy. Many provinces have started to face shortage of IT professionals and have started programs to lure professionals of this industry to come and settle in there province.

Currently, it seems that occupations in Information Technology and Communications are highly in-demand which is making IT professionals overseas highly interested in migrating to Canada.

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