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September 26, 2017
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Canada Business Immigration: Birds eye view

This topic is very vast and a less discussed topic over the forums. But for someone with a good business experience and funds to invest, this stream of Canadian immigration could be an easy pathway to achieve Permanent residency.

In this blog, we have tried to give an overview of requirements for different business streams.

The mandate of Canadian business/investor category is to stimulate economic development and labor market of Canada by engaging foreign investors, self-employed persons or entrepreneurs. By involving people from different cultural and business backgrounds, Canada gets access to untapped foreign markets thereby, boosting its economy. Individuals with some previous business or managerial experience and having minimum threshold of net worth and investment can easily get a pathway to settle in Canada as a permanent resident through business category. There are different business programs at federal and provincial level.

Filing your application and the whole process involved in it can be too technical for your understanding, hence, it is in your best interest to coordinate with the certified Canadian Immigration expert to get the best assistance to apply.

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