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Why Canada is first choice of international students?

Canada is seen as first choice of students who want to study abroad across the globe. When choosing a destination for study, several factors play a role like, location, cost, opportunity and quality of life. Canada seems to offer all of these and thereby it has become one of the most favourite destinations for students abroad. Let’s have a look at different factors in detail.


According to a research done by HSBC, Canada has been found to be one of the affordable countries in the world, yet providing higher living standards and amiably good education quality. In this research Canada was compared with other sought after destinations such as UK, USA and Australia.


Canada possess a strong and diverse economy which gives an opportunity for new comers to explore and advance in their career. Even when recession struck USA and other European countries, Canadian economy stood strong which in return produced a big demand for talented foreign workers.

Standard of Living

Canada possess high quality of life, booming economy, and unmatchable security, which can be foreseen as living standard of its citizens. That’s why Canada has been repeatedly voted as the best place in the world by United Nations. Canada has one of the best health care system and education system and crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.


Canadian population is highly diverse and people are very friendly. Canada encourages immigrants to maintain and share its unique culture with others, which in return makes a tolerant and peaceful society.

Work Permit after studies

Unlike other countries, Canada encourages international students to stay and gain work experience in Canada. International students have opportunity to get post-graduate work permit up till 3 years after completion of their studies.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Canada provides a smooth and clear pathway to become Permanent resident after completing education or work experience within Canada. It has been seen that Canada gives extra weightage to people who study in Canada and put their contribution in uplifting Canadian economy.

If you are looking to study in Canada, this is the best time to achieve your dream. It is advised to seek a professional help from Canadian regulated Immigration expert.

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